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Free Orkut and My Space Cute Sayings & Thoughts Graphics Glitters
The First Installment of Monday Musings with a very cool video.

Part Two – Gratitude — what are you grateful for?

Part Three – Understanding – old souls, other musings and great quotes

Part Four – Wonder — how do you define it and some points to ponder when you’re not getting any response from your blog.

Part Five – Simplicity — it’s the simple things that are the best.  You have to leave your blog sometimes!

Part Six – Generosity – Thank You

Part Seven – Remembrance

Part Eight – Chance Encounters

Part Nine – Family

Part Ten – Empathy

Part Eleven – Letting Go

Part Twelve – Fun

Part Thirteen – Decisions/Choices

Part Fourteen – Doubt

Part Fifteen – Enough

Part Sixteen – Purpose

Part Seventeen – Goals

Part Eighteen – Patience

Part Nineteen – Humanity

Part Twenty – Soul Adjustment

Part Twenty-One – Moments

Part Twenty-Two – Vulnerability

Part Twenty-Three – Mettle

Part Twenty – Four – Adventure

Part Twenty-Five – Home

Part Twenty-Six – Responsibility

Part Twenty-Seven – Friends

Part Twenty-Eight – Recovery

Part Twenty-Nine – Horizons

Part Thirty – Christmas Eve

Part Thirty-One – New Beginnings

Part Thirty-Two – Firsts

Part Thirty-Three – Distractions

Part Thirty-Four – Sacred Space

Part Thirty-Five – Perfection

Part Thirty-Six – Inspiration

Part Thirty-Seven – Intention

Part Thirty-Eight – Exploration

Part Thirty-Nine – Ah-h-h

Part Forty — SPRING

Part Forty-One — Creativity

Part Forty-Two — Repose

Part Forty-Three — Energy

Part Forty-Four — Wishes

Part Forty-Five — Endings/Beginnings

Part Forty-Six — One Thing

Part Forty-Seven — On Living a Life

Part Forty-Eight — Brevity

Part Forty-Nine — The Little Things

Part Fifty — Thanksgiving

Part Fifty-One — Balance

Part Fifty-Three — Connections

Part Fifty-Four — This Condition of Being Human

Part Fifty-Five — Risk

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