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Writing is a Workout

Just a quick post today regarding writing and how much it requires of a person.  I’m not sure people who don’t write — for a living or for solely creative purposes — realize just how much it takes to put words to paper and flesh out an idea. I’ve had a great week writing for … Continue reading

The “Tag, You’re It Challenge” – A Fellow Blogger Gives Her Answers!

Click on the link below to see how one of my fellow bloggers/friends, Chitra Yamada responded to my questions. Brigitte’s Questions. Chika (as I call her) answered my challenge questions from my earlier blog — thanks dear friend!  Visit and bookmark her blog here….very interesting and fascinating stuff.  Her prose is elegant, sure and powerful — the … Continue reading

Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

Since I’ve been actively writing and submitting work, I’m more aware of getting out of doing what I’ve always done and that’s mainly writing in first person point of view (POV).  That mainly comes from decades of journaling so it’s easiest for me.  That’s what my 120 pages plus of my novel is —  so … Continue reading

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a trade, profession, or occupation.
"those who work honestly at their métier"
synonyms: occupation, job, work, profession, business, employment, career, vocation, trade, craft, line (of work), specialty

"he had another métier besides teaching"

an occupation or activity that one is good at.

"she decided that her real métier was grand opera"

synonyms: forte, strong point, strength, specialty, talent, bent; More
an outstanding or advantageous characteristic.
"subtlety is not his métier"

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