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Oh, What the Heck

Lately I’ve not really come up with any earth-shattering posts.  My inspiration seems to be on a very low simmer these days so I thought I’d dredge up some old writing prompts and just put them out there.  For you to read.  And comment on. When I lived in New York, a good writerly friend … Continue reading

The Writer Reveal

Last week I wrote a post asking all of you to vote for your favorite passage from some “mystery” writers.  Thanks to all of you who decided to play.  The votes came in and below are how they ranked, along with the writer and where the passage came from.  If you click on the links … Continue reading

I Feel Like a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Not sure if anyone’s noticed, but I’ve not posted in awhile.  I’ve been feeling out of sorts lately.  Anxious.  Jumpy.  Surely, there must be some of you that understand that. I’ve read one should NEVER post if they’re having a bad day.  Or feeling blue, sad.  Pissed off.  “Don’t get on your blog and whine, … Continue reading

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