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Ready, Set….Write!

Hi all,

Pen and Quill

Just a quick post for the weekend and to share a few contests I found to submit work online.  One has a deadline for the end of this month, so maybe this will motivate us to crank out a literary piece of such perfect writing we’ll snag one of the prizes.  (Or maybe, just motivate us to do more writing).  Either way, you win, right?

Happy writing and have a great weekend —

Glimmer Train; Contest for New Writers; deadline February 29th.

Ploughshares; Emerging Writers’ Contest; deadline now through April 2nd

McSweeney’s; Quarterly submissions; Seem to be ongoing, plus they sound so kind….

Leap Frog Press; Adult and Children’s Fiction (novellas); deadline is May 1st

Those who want to share their “dark side” check this one out:  Midnight Screaming

(Please share any contests you may know of in the comments section below–thanks!)


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