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Germany has the “Hoff” — Japan has the “Buch”

I’m guest posting on Mike’s Roam About Mike’s blog today. Mike is a talented writer who roams the world, sharing his adventures. I’ve been following him for a long time because he makes me laugh and that’s always a good thing. Please go over and read my post on his blog and have a great weekend!  Oh, and follow Mike — you’ll be so glad you did.


From Mike:

Picture 2Brigitte was one of my first followers, and has been a constant source of inspiration since. She’s one of the sweetest bloggers out there, a tremendous writer, and not a Monday goes by where I don’t head over to her site Brigitte’s Banter to read her Monday’s Musings. These habitual Monday stops provide perspective, reflection, and a sense of zen. She’s been Freshly Pressed twice (deservedly so), and has an legion of followers.

Brigitte won the first Roam About Contest, and has a shrine built in her house to the great Scott Baio (the prize was a poster of Chachi), to the dismay of her hubby. Seriously, follow Brigitte; it’ll make you a better person. – Mike


Mike, whom I’ve followed for many months now, asked me to write a post for him while he’s traipsing around Japan.  On a Saturday, a day I never usually…

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2 thoughts on “Germany has the “Hoff” — Japan has the “Buch”

  1. This was even better the second time around!

    Posted by The Hook | March 30, 2013, 8:58 am

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