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Monday Musings and Motivations – Part Twenty – Soul Adjustment

I’ve always been a deep and sensitive person.  Yeah, you know, you know. This isn’t a feel-sorry-for-me post.  It’s a reclamation of sorts.  Whenever I read something, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, I’m always looking for the metaphors, the message, the “what’s really between the lines” of something. What did that guy, Frost REALLY mean … Continue reading

It’s All About the Details

I was surfing the channels last night and one of those infomercials was on, this one about a woman purchasing a triangular piece of material that hooks on her bra in order to keep cleavage at bay. It showed a woman wearing a low-cut top that kept exposing the girls a wee too much.  She … Continue reading

Change, I Swear I’m Going to Do It

It is finally getting warm — nice! — where I am.  With that change, comes a change within me.  The need, obsession and desire to change my environment. Out with the dull colors of winter and in with the bright, whites and vibrant splooches (made-up word because I’m so tired of the term “pops of … Continue reading

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