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A Writer Takes The Challenge — This Time in Beguiling Prose

At the end of January, I challenged my fellow writers/readers with a writing prompt.  In my January 30th blog, Two Twenties and a Ten, I put forth my interpretation of a short story using the word, “jejune” and the phrase from Steven Wright, the comedian — “You can’t have everything.  Where would you put it?”

My good friend/lyrical writer and savvy storyteller, Brinda (a modern-day Scheherzade) has written her story with the word and phrase expertly woven within.  (Thank you, Brinda!) Here’s a couple of snippets of how she adhered to the challenge to whet your appetite:

Then, Ro saw it. A small glimmer of excitement in her otherwise jejune life, she thought.

and this:

Dear Uncle Henry, how mistaken he was when he had declared, in an expansive mood, “You can’t have it all. Where will you put it?” 

You can read the whole story, entitled Illusions,  here on her blog.  Brinda’s writing has a delicate cadence to it and a spectacular ending that will surprise you.

Enjoy and if you’re up to the challenge, write your own (using the word and phrase) — we’d love to read it!

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