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Climate Change

There’s been a lot of upheaval in the news lately.

Hurricanes, fires, mudslides, snowstorms, blizzards, floods. So much. So many images of people suffering. It’s difficult to watch and difficult to process. I wish these people love, healing and hope. Through the suffering, we witness people helping people, reaching out to make sure that their fellow human being can find their way back to some kind of normal.

We can do it! ~ Rosie the Riveter.
“Let’s not turn women into snowflakes.” Condoleezza Rice

There’s other changes as well. Attitudes in the way in which women are treated and have been treated in the past. Women, as all human beings, should be respected. They should never be subjected to feeling as if their opinions don’t matter, face pay inequality or, for God’s sake, never, ever be in a position where they feel as if they have to put out to get in. Ever. I think most of us believe in this very clear aspect of how people should be treated. With decency and respect. I went through that climate in its past heyday. It wasn’t good then and it’s not good now. I do believe that everyone, including male human beings, are innocent until proven guilty. I so hope that statement is taken as a common sense one.

Then we have to listen to those in charge argue about this or that and they do so nonstop. We hear about it relentlessly, so much so, some people say they don’t watch the news anymore.

We are in a perpetual state of he said, he said, she said, he said she said. One person states: “I was there and I heard this!” Another says: “I was there and I did not hear that!”

Who are we to believe? How do we come up with a conclusion if facts from one individual differ from the facts of another? If both say I was there! Believe me!

How do we process this?

This Woman’s View

I’ve lived through several episodes of upheaval having lived on this good Earth for a while. I base my opinions on facts I receive from reputable sources, from what I perceive, see, hear and filter through the lens of my beliefs and core values. That’s what we all do.

Facts are facts. They don’t waver or change. Truth is truth and it always wins. Unlike lies or illusions, facts and truths stay strong. They don’t change to accommodate us.

I am a person of common sense. One who believes that everyone, and I mean everyone, is entitled to their opinion and their unalienable right to believe how they choose to believe. I don’t believe in censorship even if it means someone’s opinion may hurt me or cause me to be uncomfortable. I have the right to walk away, not listen to them and still hold hard and fast to my core beliefs, my values. So does everyone else. Even the ones that I think to myself, how the hell can you think this way? They do because they do and they, like me, are entitled to their opinion. I don’t get to dictate how a person believes and/or feels just as they don’t get to tell me how to believe or feel. That’s what our country is based upon. Freedom.

When I demand “they” believe as I do, when I am intolerant of their views, when I shut down, or yell or name call, or become so dug in to my opinions, I am doing exactly what they are accusing me of doing. I become “them.” When I’m so incensed with my way, I lose sight of the fact that we all are just human beings trying to find our way.

We live in country where each of us can state our opinions, practice a religion or not, pursue happiness, love who we choose to love and enjoy other freedoms.

It appears that what we have lost is kindness and empathy. We have to weigh our words carefully. If we don’t speak the way the climate dictates, we can suffer the consequences of a world-wide platform of bullying. The “us” and “them” sentiment continues to widen. Snarky and mean isn’t working. It isn’t. It’s widening the divide.

We seem to have forgotten how to be nice to each other.

I don’t like this climate. It saddens me. This climate doesn’t rest solely on the shoulders of one person, “this side” or “that side.” We are all part of the problem. All of us.

My parents taught me to respect others, to have a sense of decorum. To be polite, nice. I can stand strong in my beliefs with a calm commitment. I can choose to listen, to empathize.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If we give into this climate—name-calling, shaming—this new normal, we are headed for a place where up is down and down is up. That would be a scary place indeed. I believe we don’t have to because I believe that most of us want the same things.

Aren’t we supposed to work together to find a common-good plan in order for us to co-exist and help one another? We are all humans who love, live and die. I’m not a solution expert and I’m not suggesting that a few words in a blog post can change everything. But I really believe it begins with kindness and understanding. That’s a good start to anything.

It seems that we forget our differences when we are put into positions where we have to pull together and help others find their way.

Isn’t that what we’re supposed to be doing anyway and all the time?

* * *

As always, if you choose to comment, please do so with respect. This isn’t about name-calling or identifying who said what. It’s not a place for political discussions. It’s a place where I listen to you and you listen to me, (you just did – thank you!) her, or him and we empathize with a heavy emphasis on decency. 😊

I respect and appreciate your opinions.

And yes, I love Dr. Seuss.

* * *

UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

–Dr. Seuss, The Lorax






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25 thoughts on “Climate Change

  1. Best Climate Change post ever. I am all in with you B! xoxo

    Posted by Maggie O'C | January 18, 2018, 12:28 pm
  2. A brilliant look at climate change. On a similar note, I have a post in the queue about common good that hits similar things as this post. Thanks for verifying.

    PS: Sure hope you can drop by on Sunday evening into Monday for post #2000.

    Posted by aFrankAngle | January 18, 2018, 12:28 pm
  3. “It appears that what we have lost is kindness and empathy.”—Yes, I think with more kindness and empathy, we wouldn’t be in such a pickle. Then again, maybe people have always behaved this way? Maybe it just comes out more now because of social media? It seems people are still kinder to each other when they’re face-to-face. Regardless, if we all followed one simple rule in life, things would be so much nicer: the Golden Rule. Simple yet invaluable.

    Posted by Carrie Rubin | January 18, 2018, 12:45 pm
    • You have a very valid point, Carrie. Maybe people always have behaved this way, but we just see more of the bad than the good. Or maybe I’m just naive. I hope not. But, with our 24/7 news and so many platforms of social media, there’s bound to be plenty of opinions, viewpoints and discussions. I just think we could all do better in expressing those opinions in a nicer way. I love passion, but it can be tempered with goodness, empathy and understanding. It’s difficult to be nice when someone isn’t being nice to you, but it’s worth it, I think. That karma thing. 😉

      And I absolutely agree people are kinder when face-to-face. I guess I don’t get why being anonymous gives way to snarky or mean. And yeah, that Golden Rule thing works every single time. Thanks Carrie—great to see you here.


      Posted by Brigitte | January 18, 2018, 1:06 pm
  4. Good points, Bridgette. An attitude of Love, Tolerance, and Kindness goes a long way—especially these days.

    Posted by Allan G. Smorra | January 18, 2018, 5:41 pm
  5. A well thought-out, meaningful post, Brigitte. Kindness and respect could go a long ways to solving the problems. That and a willingness to compromise for the overall good. That’s different than compromising principles. I think the word tribalism that is being thrown around a lot is correct. Thanks for the time and thought you put into your post. –Curt

    Posted by Curt Mekemson | January 18, 2018, 5:45 pm
    • Hi Curt, what a nice thing to say–thank you. I’m not sure why the concept (kindness, respect) is so difficult to grasp and I love your point: “…a willingness to compromise for the overall good. That’s different than compromising principles.” So true and so well-stated. And thank you for the time and thought you put into your lovely comment.


      Posted by Brigitte | January 18, 2018, 6:32 pm
  6. You rock it, Ms. B. I really wish there was a gentler, kinder world– one that listens to each other and less anger and hate. I love this post– thoughtful, and well said.

    Posted by UpChuckingwords | January 18, 2018, 5:58 pm
  7. Hi Brigitte, I love this post and I was so excited to see its notification in my email! Yes, kindness and empathy would be so refreshing about now.

    Posted by Cathy Ulrich | January 18, 2018, 6:16 pm
    • Cathy!!! How great to see you! How are you and yours? Wonderful I hope and I hope that 2018 is treating you great. Kindness and empathy always wins out. Every. Single. Time. Thank you for taking the time to read and for your comment.


      Posted by Brigitte | January 18, 2018, 6:36 pm
  8. PS: From above …. my Common Good post goes up tonight at 9:30 (Eastern US).

    Posted by aFrankAngle | January 30, 2018, 7:51 am
  9. My favorite quote of all time…the Lorax “unless” quote.

    Posted by MountainGirlBecca | March 10, 2018, 10:34 am

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