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Awards, Acknowledgments and Ramblings

I’m always grateful and astounded when others give me these nice awards and I’ve not acknowledged that so I thought I’d do that today and pass it along to other brilliant bloggers and writers out there. Illuminating Blogger Award This is from High, Higher, Highest.  Go visit this blogger who refers to herself as a … Continue reading

New Friends/Family in the Blogosphere and Passing Along the Blog Lovin’

I’ve had an extremely busy week and haven’t kept up my usual blogging and commenting on blogs — I’ll be back in the swing of things next week.  Just a short post today to pass along another list of great bloggers out there and to thank Silverfox at C’est la Vie for including me and bestowing … Continue reading

Blog Lovin’ Day, Awards and Other Stuff

Happy Friday and hope everyone has a safe and great Memorial Day weekend.   I’d thought I’d acknowledge those who’ve bestowed some awards on me and make mention of a few kind souls who’ve decided to follow my blog.  When you have the time, visit them and maybe they’ll be your kind of thing.  The … Continue reading

Awesome Blog Content Award

My dear fellow blogger, Sharon nominated me for the ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award.  Thank you, Sharon!  Please check out her blog,  A bump to the head. You’ll find my own ABCs below and after that, my nominations for the ABC Award. Please pay it forward, post the ABC award on your blog and answer … Continue reading

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